AssaultRunner Pro Treadmill Review 2023

 AssaultRunner Pro Treadmill Review 2023

Sydney Kaiser

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Last Updated: March 17, 2023

The AssaultRunner Pro also referred to as the AirRunner, is the base model from AssaultFitness. Although it isn’t a premium model, the AssaultRunner Elite is, it isn’t a treadmill to pass up. The Pro has similar qualities to the Elite, but it costs a good deal less. The AssaultRunner Pro is a curved, manual treadmill which means it doesn’t require electricity and the speed of the belt is controlled by the runner. Manual treadmills overall help you burn more calories than motorized treadmills and require less maintenance. There are many benefits to manual treadmills, and the Pro is our top recommendation when it comes to this kind of treadmills. In this review of the AssaultRunner Pro, I’ll take you through everything you need to know so you can determine whether it’s for you.

AssaultRunner Pro Treadmill Review 2023 AssaultRunner Pro Treadmill Review 2023

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Awards: Best Overall Manual Treadmill

We know a great treadmill when we see one. The AssaultRunner Pro is just that. You can find it in commercial and residential settings. As far as a manual treadmill, this is one that is appealing to the majority of users because it has a belt that’s extremely durable and built to last. For running, and sprinting especially, this model is preferred. Plus, it’s very comparable to the AssaultRunner Elite, but we love that it’s more affordable to appeal to the masses. You can run as fast and as long as you want on this treadmill and it’s good for 150,000 miles! All of this is why we’ve awarded the Pro as the best overall manual treadmill on our list of best manual treadmills.

Why You Should Trust Our Review Of AssaultRunner Pro Treadmill

Our team consists of personal trainers, group fitness instructors, former D1 college athletes, and fitness enthusiasts who have been testing treadmills for years. From motorized to non-motorized and everything in between, we’ve used it. While we don’t have the AssaultRunner Pro in our studio for photos and a video review just yet, we have extensive experience using its big brother: the AssaultRunner Elite. Both of these treadmills have a lot of similarities and some differences that I’ll get into. We’ve also spent time using comparable treadmills like the TrueForm Trainer and Bells Of Steel Blitz Manual Treadmill, so we’ve relied on our experience using other treadmills to create this review of the AssaultRunner Pro. You can find comparisons of these machines throughout this review.


  • This is a hearty treadmill that comes in at an affordable price point compared to manual treadmills of similar quality.
  • The belt is powered by the runner, so it doesn’t have a max speed and is great for distance training, intervals, and all kinds of running and walking.
  • This model can be found in homes and public gyms, so it can handle a lot of use.
  • The console is battery-powered, Bluetooth enabled, and comes with built-in training programs.
  • The 350 lb weight capacity and 62” long running surface make this ideal for most users.
  • It’s sturdy, yet transportable with the front wheels and rear handle.
  • It requires little to no maintenance compared to motorized treadmills.


  • There is a learning curve when using the deck, so this isn’t a treadmill for zoning out on.
  • There aren’t any cupholders available on the console.


  • Hi Contrast LCD Display
  • Connects to Assault Fitness App
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Onboard Workout Programs
  • Metrics Displayed: time, calories, distance, speed, watts, pace, and heart rate
  • Transportation Wheels
  • Rear Transporting Handle
  • Footprint: 69.9” L x 32.8” W x 64” H
  • Running Surface: 17” x 62”
  • Non-Motorized
  • No Incline
  • Treadmill Weight: 280 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Construction: 100 Precision Ball Bearings
  • Corrosion Resistant Hardware
  • Warranty: 5-year for the frame, 3-year for moving parts, and 150,000 miles for the belt

AssaultRunner Pro Treadmill Review AssaultRunner Pro Treadmill Review 2023

In-depth Review of AssaultRunner Pro Treadmill

Preprogrammed Workouts and App Connectivity

Like other manual treadmills, the AssaultRunner Pro doesn’t require electricity to use and the console is battery-powered. When the belt starts moving the console will turn on and start tracking your running. The console is very similar to the AssaultRunner Elite, so we have a great idea of how it works and what it includes based on our experience using the Elite.

I will say that the AssaultRunner consoles include a good amount of workouts and metrics tracking. There are multiple workout modes for Tabatas, reverse Tabatas, custom intervals, and targeted training settings. When you’re doing interval training, a small light will turn on next to the words “rest” and “work” at the top of the console to indicate which portion of the interval you’re on.

The targeted programs let you set goals based on your time, distance, calories, and heart rate. The AssaultRunner Pro is Bluetooth-enabled to connect with a compatible heart rate tracker.

It can also connect to the Assault Fitness and Fiit Apps to offer even more guidance and workout options. These apps pair with the Pro to offer challenges, programs, and trainer-led content that you can take whenever you want. The Assault Fitness app has programs that are meant to be taken over the course of a couple of weeks to months to progress your fitness. The trainer-led classes on the Fiit App are engaging and fun to take.

Even though this is a simple console, it comes with more training options than other manual treadmills like the TrueForm Trainer.


The console is easy to use and offers more functionality than most. The buttons on the left and bottom are clearly labeled. The LCD display doesn’t have a UV-resistant screen like the AssaultRunner Elite, but we assume it’s easy to see.

The console is fixed so it doesn’t adjust like the Bells Of Steel Blitz Manual Treadmill. You’ll also notice that there isn’t any storage on the console besides a ledge to place your phone. The Elite comes with 2 built-in cupholders, whereas the Pro doesn’t have any place to put your water. It’s nice to have a spot for a phone, especially if you plan to use the Assault Fitness App or Fiit App, but it would be nice to have a cupholder or two, too.

Construction Quality / Durability

As far as quality and price, the AssaultRunner Pro really appeals to the majority of people. It has a similar construction to the Elite but is less expensive. The Pro can be found in homes and gyms and is proven to be durable and capable of handling a lot of use.

It doesn’t have quite as high of a weight capacity as other treadmills like the TrueForms, the Elite, and the Blitz, but at 350 lbs it should handle most users.
The overall look of the Pro is similar to the previous discontinued model from Assault, the AirRunner. The Pro has an all-black design, however. The Pro is often referred to as the AirRunner because the machines are so similar.

The frame is made out of steel and the treadmill itself weighs 280 lbs. It’s similar in weight to the Elite. These treadmills are a little lighter than other manual treadmills like the TrueForm Runner and Bells Of Steel Blitz, which weigh over 300 lbs each. The lighter weight doesn’t affect the integrity of the Elite and it is definitely stable and feels really hearty, so the Pro should be the same.

The AssaultRunner Pro has front transporting wheels and a rear handle for when you need to move it. Due to its similar weight to the Elite, we assume it isn’t too hard to move around. Many manual treadmills have front wheels and a rear handle so we’re glad to see this on the Pro as well.

The uprights and handles remind me of the TrueForm Trainer. The side handles extend back to the midpoint of the deck near where you’ll be when running so they should be well within reach for balance when you need them. They should also be great for using the front handles for leverage when getting the belt up to speed if that’s how you like to start sprinting.


The AirRunner doesn’t have a motor. Because it doesn’t have a motor, it requires much less maintenance than electric treadmills with motors. On motorized treadmills, the belts need to be lubricated and adjusted regularly, and the motors need maintenance and can even break. The motorless design of the Pro doesn’t have electrical components that can break down or need attending to.

The AssaultRunner Pro also doesn’t have a maximum speed. Instead, you control the pace with your legs. So, rather than a motorized treadmill that sets the pace of the belt for you to keep up with, you’re in control. This means that you can run as fast as you can on the Pro. You’ll also burn more calories and activate more muscles on the Pro than on a motorized treadmill.

The Pro is proven to be durable and commonly found in residential and commercial settings so if you want to run marathons on it, or do a lot of intervals, this one is a good pick.

Treadmill Deck

The deck is also unique to motorized treadmills because it is curved. The angle of the curve is the same as the AssaultRunner Elite. The belt should be pretty easy to get moving and get up to a fast pace. In comparison, the TrueForm Runner and Trainer have the shallowest curvature in the deck, which makes them harder to get the belt moving. When we compared the TrueForms to the Elite, we found that it requires less effort by the runner to get the belt moving on the Elite. The TrueForm Treadmills encourage proper form and a midfoot strike, so if your form could use a little work, you will probably fatigue faster on these models.

The AssaultRunners are widely favored for CrossFit and speed work because they don’t require your form to be as technical. That’s why we recommend the Elite and the AssaultRunner Pro to the majority of users looking for a manual treadmill.

For newbies to manual treadmills, keep in mind that they can take some getting used to. The Pro isn’t your average treadmill that you can hop on and zone out on. It might even feel a little weird at first because controlling the belt yourself rather than keeping up a set pace is an entirely different experience.

The width of the Pro’s belt is only 17”, which can take some getting used to, too. This width is comparable to TrueForms, the Elite, and the Bells Of Steel, as well as other popular manual models. It’s more narrow than your average electric treadmill, but it’s designed to keep you aligned and in a linear running pattern. The length is 62” which offers plenty of room for most running strides. Considering this belt is the same size as the Elite, all our reviewers can attest to this.


One noticeable difference between the AssaultRunners is that the Pro has a less extensive warranty. When you purchase the Elite it comes with a 10-year frame and lifetime belt warranty, whereas the Pro comes with a 5-year frame and 150,000-mile belt warranty. The belt warranty is still very impressive on the AssaultRunner Pro and definitely instills confidence in the durability of the machine. Factoring in the lower price of the Pro, it’s understandable that the warranty isn’t as long. The warranty also includes 3 years for moving parts.

Bottom Line Review: AssaultRunner Pro Treadmill

The AssaultRunner Pro Treadmill is our top recommendation for most people that’s why we’ve awarded it as the best manual treadmill overall. Whether you want to run long distances, incorporate sprints into your workouts, or use this treadmill in your CrossFit training, the Pro has a durable design that is also more friendly on your wallet than other comparable models. This is a fully manual treadmill that requires less maintenance than motorized options and allows you to run as fast as you can. You set and control the pace of the belt, so you can’t outrun it. The AssaultRunner Pro can handle users up to 350 lbs and has a belt that’s good for 150,000 miles. We love that the console is simple and battery-powered yet Bluetooth-enabled for connectivity with the Assault Fitness and Fiit Apps. This popular treadmill is commonly found in commercial gyms and would make a great addition to your home or gym.

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